AoDK is a Cleveland based architecture firm founded in 1999.  We have based the firm on the belief that great architecture can have a powerful impact on how we live, work, socialize, worship and interact.  Great architecture creates great experiences.
Since architecture changes our built environment it inherently creates experience. To experience is the process of doing, seeing, involvement in, participation in, contact with, exposure to, awareness of, and insight in to.  Our goal is to maximize authentic experiences.  Great experiences are created from a deep understanding of all of the parameters and opportunities and using them toward a directed goal.
The design process may include analyzing the sun diagrams for the site to fill an area with natural light at the right time of day and season while keeping it out at other times.  It may be the tactile use of stone and wood by a local craftsman to connect a project to its natural site.  It may be the organizational system in a building that encourages interaction and creativity.
This happens at the macro level of the site with its surrounding context down to the micro level of a detail of a stair rail.   It could be a large multi-purpose building in an urban environment to understanding the intimate relationships of how a family interacts with each other and nature in a rural setting. All levels greatly contribute to the entire experience.

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At the core of AoDK is the desire to nourish a culture of passion.  Each person is continually pursuing their dreams, developing their talents and bringing who they are to our team.
This is done thru teaching, mentoring, professional development, research, and encouragement.  We have consistently asked 2 questions “what are you passionate about?” and “what are you going to do about it?”  We have weekly Tuesday morning meetings where in addition to reviewing weekly schedule, one person is responsible for bringing breakfast and talking about what they have been focused on outside of the office.  We see it as a continuation of preschool show and tell.
While architecture must be a part of the passion, we strongly encourage each person to develop interests outside of the firm.  This currently includes areas like kayaking, rock climbing, technology, home renovation, coaching, church, skiing, being a parent, being a spouse.  We believe that the more each employee is developing as a person the greater our firm will be.

Community Involvement

We believe as architects and designers, we have a unique set of skills that can contribute to the world around us in a positive way.  We have been blessed to work with many great clients and projects and feel it is our responsibility to give back.  Whether it is by volunteering for local community events or teaming up with non-profits, we feel strongly that it is our duty to help others realize their dreams.

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